What can psychotherapy help with?

Impact Therapy is a team of psychologists who help children, adolescents and adults. We offer a range of treatment options tailored to your needs including hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and equine assisted therapy. Our primary guiding ethos is to improve understanding and communication in order to foster change in how you feel about yourself and others. Adopting an integrative approach to fit your needs and circumstances, our team can help you undergo comprehensive assesment to identify issues before recommending the right therapy for you to help address them.

All therapists at Impact Therapy are trained psychologists and we work together to offer complimentary approaches and a broad spectrum of services.

About our approach

In the 1930s, psychologist Abraham Maslow published a seminal paper describing the ‘hierarchy of needs’. In this, he argued that all people strive to self-actualise, that is to feel fully alive and find meaning in life. He found that, after the basic needs of food, shelter, warmth and security had been met, the next psychological desire was to match your goals to your personality.

Feeling that we have purpose in life is psychologically very important but at times everyone becomes stuck or strays from this path due to ineffective coping mechanisms and patterns of communication. This can lead you to question your life and the choices you have made. Psychotherapy can be seen as a process in which you are helped to see how better to have your needs met, meaning that you are back on the path to self-actualisation.

Life is all about relationships

In life, our sense of happiness and fulfillment often hinges on the relationships we have with our families, friends, employers and teachers and carers. How healthy these relationships are, is often down to how effective we are as communicators. Both verbal and non-verbal communicaiton is a muscle that needs to be built and developed. Interactional Psychotherapy aims to facilitate more effective communication in order to build more sustainable and satisfying relationships.

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