What are your rates?

We charge medical aid rates of R940 per session (Discovery rate 2018). Group participation is charged at R800 per 2 hour session.

Can I claim from medical aid for sessions?

We are registered. We are happy to claim directly from your medical aid, but please remember you will ultimately be responsible for the account should funds run out or not be available.

How many sessions will I need?

Therapy is a tailor-made process and the total duration of treatment will depend on the presenting complaint, persons involved, aims and goals of treatment. It is impossible to predict exactly how many sessions a client will need, but we generally work on a 12 – 16 session basis.

How long are sessions?

Individual sessions for adult and adolescents as well as couples sessions are 50 – 55 minutes long. Teddy Bear Therapy sessions are 21 – 25 minutes long and group sessions are 2 hours long.