Child & Educational Assessments

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” – Albert Einstein

“There is no such thing as a lazy child, or a child who does not apply themselves or could try harder. There is only avoidance of discomfort and a fatigue from cycling uphill. Let your child even the playing field and get the help they need to unlock their full potential” – Jeanie Cavé, Clinical Psychologist

Parents or caregivers often know instinctively that their child needs help but they aren’t sure where to start.

It is very important to find specialists with a track record for working with children. At Impact Therapy we provide a number of assessments for children and teens to guide and facilitate optimal growth.

Undergoing a comprehensive assessment to gain a better understanding of what is happening in the inner world of your child is often a valuable first step in better understanding your child and unlocking their full potential. Results are discussed in a feedback session along with a comprehensive report to guide decision making.

School Readiness Assessment

School readiness is an assessment that measures how prepared a child is to start and succeed at school from a developmental perpsective.

This assessemnt which includes interviews, a school readiness assessment battery and finally a thorough consultaion, helps parents and teachers decide when and where to place a child in the schooling system that will then ultimately faciliate that child’s optimal growth.






Subject Choice


Subject-Choice assessment assists learners to choose the most suitable subjects for Grade 10. This usually takes place when the client is in Grade 9 with the aim of selecting appropriate subjects for Grades 10-12.




Concession Assessments

A concession assessment is used to determine if a learner or student requires certain support in order for them to have an equal opportunity to achieve their potential.

We are able to administer the required examinatoin and concession assessments for IEB, GDE and Cambridge concession applications.

An educational psychologist will assess your child and provide an objectuive opinion in a written report which will then be sent to the school who will submit the report to the concession committee. 



Scholastic assessment is aimed at identifying a learner or student’s strengths and possible difficulties. This assessment will help parent’s and teachers make an informed decision about what areas to focus on in helping the learner or student optimise thier full educational potential.

Psycho-educational Assessment

A psycho-educational assessment aims to measure intellectual, cognitive, academic, and emotional development to assist in understanding a child’s overall functioning. It identifies specific strengths and weaknesses, with the aim of optimizing potential through appropriate support and intervention.


At Impact we ooffer full and brief psychoeducational assessments for children aged between 4 and 16.


Career Assessment

Career assessment is a comprehensive assesment that indicates which career would be best suited to an individual’s personality profile, behaviours, interests and values.

We provide a thorough process of assessment and counselling when doing a career assessment. We believe that it is not enough to receive a written report matching your child to varous careers. We do a thorough interview with your child before applying specific career assessment tools. Once your child has been assessed, we spend some time going through the results with you and your child, and then we spend more time with your child guiding them through the career choice process.

Psychologists specializing in this field:

Casey Forman

Casey Forman

Counselling Psychologist

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Megan Tucker

Megan Tucker

Educational Psychologist

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Bridget Westwood-Chetty

Bridget Westwood-Chetty

Clinical Psychologist

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