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A borderline personality disorder is a pervasive pattern of unstable interpersonal relationships and instability of sense of self.

Clinical psychologist Jeanie Cavé tells Eusebius McKasier that a person with a borderline personality disorder has a difficult time with interpersonal relationships.

She says the picture of borderline personality disorder is painted badly on the internet.

A borderline personality disorder is always like a black mark against a patient’s name. A person with a borderline personality disorder is harder to treat, less inclined to self-help and is extremely manipulative.

— Jeanie Cavé, Clinical psychologist

Cavé says there is controversy in diagnosing the personality disorders.

A lot of the symptoms that are used for diagnosis are actually part of normal human functioning that everybody experiences from time to time.

— Jeanie Cavé, Clinical psychologist

How can we say something is a diagnosis if there is considered to be no real treatment that would result in the resolution of the diagnosis.

— Jeanie Cavé, Clinical psychologist

The research now says borderline personality disorder is as a result of trauma and I can agree with that and I can say the same for narcissism and sociopathy.

— Jeanie Cavé, Clinical psychologist

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