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MA Counselling Psychology (UJ)

BA Honours in Psychology (UJ) (cum laude)

BA Psychology (UJ) (cum laude)

Level 1 EAGALA training

ACDISA Trauma Counselling

Ashleigh Yamen | Counselling Psychologist

Ashleigh Yaman is a Counselling Psychologist who is passionate about working with children, families and communities.

“At the core of who I am, is someone simply passionate about people. I am particularly passionate about working with children but in saying that I recognise the invaluable role of a well functioning family in the child’s development. Therefore, sometimes the best way for me to help a child is to help the parent relationship or the family system for example. I enjoy the creativity that working with children demands of me and simplicity (although it often feels contrary) of playing as a means of therapy.

I am also deeply passionate about community work. I’ve had the absolute privilege of volunteering at a stable yard that offers a variety of programmes to the children of Diepsloot. I’ve been most involved with two such programmes namely hippotherapy and an equine assisted psychotherapy group aimed at developing life skills based on deeper existential truths. These programmes serve a demographic that is considered to be high risk or vulnerable children who would otherwise never gain access to such interventions or programmes.”

Ashleigh Yaman’s key areas of interest as a psychologist include:

  • Play Therapy, particularly from the age of 5 to 12.
  • Trauma Work
  • Career Guidance
  • Working with Young Adults
  • Family Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Supportive Therapy for families dealing with trauma (i.e. an ill family member, loss, bereavement, etc)